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Step 2 CS

Wow what a crock of $#!+. Step 2 CS is the biggest waste of my money I think I have ever seen. I was happier paying my $100 per day during OB working my @$$ off for an average score eval. This was worse. $1000 for 8 hours to be locked in a hallway treated like a piece of $#!+ by MOCK patients. My REAL patients who have been waiting HOURS just to see me a student only to wait another hour to see the doc are more cordial. I couldn't even get these people to stop whining about their "issue" long enough to finish the exam most times. Then we have to write a f^(k!n& note based on 5 minutes of history 5 minutes of physical and 5 minutes of whining about needing to go home to see your dog when you are in the middle of an MI, oh yeah with 30 seconds of diagnostic planning in there somewhere. I would actually rather take 2 Step 2 CKs back to back than that worthless bit of horse manure. Everything on that test was so vague I could have created a 15 item differential for each and woe betide you if you thought of leaving early because they apparently knock points off if you leave before 8 minutes even for a patient with the most basic complaint on the planet. Can anyone PLEASE put a positive spin on this festering sack of pig $#!+ so I don't wait until a non-testing day and blow up the God forsaken building...

To add insult to injury I had to drop $500 on my f^(k!n& application. Another colossal waste of my time. This is what is meant by med school hell. It's not the hours of studying, the early morning prerounding, the demeaning tone half of the residents take with you, or even taking call on peds which meant me doing all of the admits so the residents could chat in the work room over dinner and coffee. No, Med School Hell is dropping $1000, which your advisors tell you at the beginning of med school is always tripled when you take loans (bastards always talking about my $3 coffee being 9 bucks what about their $#!tabulous test which costs $3k), on 8 hours to prove that I actually speak English and attended medical school. Next time I will send them a youtube video detailing the items in a history and physical and proof of my AOA membership. Maybe I could have saved myself at least the drive time that way. F^(K-tards!
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