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foot problems

OK, so this isn't technically med school hell, but the resident community is pretty dead and it's not like i left behind all the angst and misery when I graduated. So I'm still here.

Anyway, I'm currently experiencing what I suspect strongly is raging plantar fasciitis (physician, heal thyself), it started out on the left and now I'm pretty sure it's infiltrated both feet. It hurts, I'm walking funny, and standing is really a pain. I gotta say, it's not helping my InternYearExperience any. Plus I can't really exercise much so I'm really a limping tub of frustration. So I'm walking around with duct tape on my sweaty feet and attempting to find 5 minutes to go and pop ibuprofen. I've also been stretching in the locker room when I get a chance. But it's not going away, I'm actually pretty sure it's getting worse, and I'm running out of ideas.

Anyone else have this problem? Is there any way to deal with it when you have to stand all day and you can't commit to regular physical therapy appointments or anything like that? Should I just give up and do my own plantar fascial releases?

Also, can anyone recommend some really comfortable shoes? I'm in the OR most of the time (I usually only have clinic one of two half-days a week and the rest of the time is all operating) so I can get away with wearing sneakers and stuff like that, but my sneakers don't seem to be helping me and even with special (and irritatingly expensive) insoles, I'm still kinda miserable. Plus on the off-chance this problem goes away, I really don't want it to come back. I'm curious about danskos because everyone seems to like them, but I don't want to spend over $100 for ugly clunky shoes if they're not going to change my life.

Thanks in advance!
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switch to psychiatry or radiology?
The thought crossed my mind.

Although it doesn't really get me out of intern year. I feel like endless rounds would be as bad as endless surgeries in terms of the standing thing.
we sit for rounds ;) and as a third year I had time for ankle surgery (sorta) and can usually make 2 of my 3 physical therapy appointments per week....usually
I do have to say that a psych intern year involves significantly less standing than a surgery intern year ;)

Earth shoes - at least the casual and sandles (the athletic shoes are easy - are pretty hard to break in, but its because they're amazingly well made. The heels are a teeny bit lower than the toes, so they better match walking barefoot on natural terrain. They kinda toot the toning thing more now that omg-tone-your-body-with-these-shoes-that-actually-kill-your-posture shoes are in style, but before that was the rage, it was really all about good posture and good foot health.

They're better than Danskos, IMHO.
I've liked my Danskos, I got my first pair when I started 3rd yr and they helped me through all the sanding/walking-rounds & surgery clerkship "hold the retractor and don't move a muscle" times. I still wear them frequently now and think they're some of my more comfortable work shoes. They make styles now where the insole is slightly softer (instead of the rock-hard ones in the "professional" style) which I like. I also have a pair of Mary-Jane style Earth shoes which I love, but I didn't have those when I was doing the heavy standing/walking rotations so I don't know if they would help tons during surgery. Plus I felt like I didn't care if my Danskos got grimy in the OR (or any other potentially messy service, like OB) since they covered my whole foot well and could easily be wiped off with the red-top wipes w/o ruining the finish.

Also, what got me through surgery clerkship, in addition to Danskos, was wearing TED hose. People laughed at me, but I swear the foot fatigue I felt the first weeks was amazingly improved for the duration of the rotation when I started wearing TEDs every day. I'd recommend trying that, they don't cost TOO much, and I just got the over-the-counter ones at the drug store and they held up well.
I developed plantar bursitis late in my 3rd yr of med school. Sneakers were the only thing that let me be mobile, until I got a pair of Crocs Rx "Relief" expressed shipped to me (in black, to minimize the non-professional look; greatly enhanced by the fact that there were no pointless holes in these Crocs). Honestly, it was a godsend. Light, arched in all the right places, and it was like walking on air. I adored it and have fond memories of it. If you can get away with wearing them at work, I would strongly recommend them.
Huh. I just looked around the site a little bit more, and I gotta say, I think I'm gonna buy me a pair of these ASAP.

My bursitis went away a long time ago, thank goodness, but I have such fond/positive memories of those Relief shoes... and coincidentally, I've been looking for 'dressier' shoes that look decent but feel like a sneaker, for the last 3 weeks or so. These seem to fit the bill perfectly!

(I know it sounds like it, but no, I'm not purposefully trying to advertise/push Crocs. They're just the only shoes for this purpose I've had a good experience with.)
I've had similar issues and I adore my Danskos. Even sneakers leave me in pain by the end of the day, or at least more pain than the ugly clunky shoes. I'm probably going to spring for a second pair soon, since I wear them non-stop and it'd be nice to have a pair that works with black pants.

I've also worn Earth shoes and found them to be really helpful, although my calves rebelled for the first few days.

Good luck, foot pain is pretty much the suck. :(
get thyself to someone who can give you a steroid injection. seriously. do it post-call if you have to. I let mine go for almost a year before I finally got someone to look at it. one day I got home from the hospital and started sobbing because I was in so much pain... I finally went and saw someone. I had several steroid injections, and while they helped, they haven't eliminated the problem. I've got an element of bursitis with the fasciitis, and it ain't pretty. I'm pretty much looking at surgery. unfortunately, who has time for surgery during fourth year audition rotations? anyway, my point is don't let it fester for too long.

I live in my Danskos, and they work better than anything for me. my chaco's are actually the most comfortable shoes, but flip flops aren't exactly acceptable on labor & delivery. but Danskos work for the hospital.

get a night splint, take your NSAID of choice round the clock, and stretch as much as you can. but if it doesn't start to get better- get it looked at!!