Meta-Introspection per Ketamine-Induced Narcosis (alithefiend) wrote in med_school_hell,
Meta-Introspection per Ketamine-Induced Narcosis

I totally forgot I could vent here

So I've opened this new chapter on my life which is called 4th year.

Apparently somehow I have to study for step 2 while simultaneously doing eras, setting up my 4th year rotations, and finding places to live since most of them don't have housing for me.

Step 2 is a pain in the ass, mostly because I burnt out on spending three months of hard miserable studying for step 1 last year. I don't want to fail, that would be real bad. I only want an average passing score, just no willpower to do anything for it. I know once I pass this test and get matched somewhere that this test and step 1 are rendered utterly meaningless, maybe that's the underlying motivational problem.

Dear hospitals I want to work at, I don't have TB or hepatitis B. I'm pretty sure you don't need two PPD's per year to confirm that with no record of being exposed to any person who had TB. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure I was vaccinated against hep B when I was a baby- why the fuck do I need a full hep panel that my insurance won't even pay for just to prove I am immune from being vaccinated and not immune from my presumed history of sharing needles with heroin addicts and having multiple sexual encounters with homeless people.
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