Juliet (mydocuments) wrote in med_school_hell,

Preceptor Thank You Cards

I'm writing my first batch of thank yous for the Hospitalist group I rotated with for my 8 weeks of FM1. (Yes, I did all hospital work for FM1. Yes, it was the most cherry rotation ever. Yes, I suck, I know.)

I rotated with 7 different docs in the group thanks to the way they do their scheduling, and I guess I'm having trouble knowing what to say on all of the thank you cards. Some of the docs who I was really close with are easy to write, but a couple of them are a little harder.

What do I say, just "Thanks for the opportunity to learn from you! I appreciate all of your teaching moments and all of your constructive criticism. I really enjoyed the chance to work with you, and look forward to seeing you around [Hospital] in the future."

Is there anything else I should add in there? These are the ones to the docs that I am not close to and who I got the feeling didn't especially appreciate my presence, but that's no reason not to be polite.

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