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Med School Hell

and you thought the MCAT was bad

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Welcome fellow miserable med schoolers! This is a forum to rant and rave about the upcoming exam you're going to fail, the last exam you DID fail, the less-than-helpful professors, the smirking gunners, the sinking feeling you get as everyone else shouts out the answer that you didn't have a clue about. And so on.

There's only one rule for this community: posts along the lines of "you all need to suck it up" or "that warm, fuzzy feeling you get after holding a patient's hand is worth it, guys!" will not be tolerated. In fact, you might just find yourself virtually kicked in the head.

Med school is HARD. Let's all bitch and be friends :)

created by coronaborealis and sinemoras, inspired by earlgreyhot.


If you want advice on how to get into med school, DO NOT post your questions in this community. This community was created by med students for med students. It was NOT created as an advice comm. If you're a premed looking for advice/have questions, go to med_school. Otherwise, if you come here asking an earnest honest question about med school that contains no bitching or whining, we will mock you mercilessly and/or poke you with a spork. You have been warned.

DISCLAIMER: This is a troll free zone. Flaming/trolling will not be tolerated. Thank you.