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Which macbook to purchase for med school?

I'm aiming for medical school.

The only problem is I'm not in medical school, so I'm not sure exactly what kind of laptop (macbook I've decided) I'll need.

I'm looking for efficiency above everything else. Which of these options is most efficient? 

There's different versions of the macbook pro:

There's also different versions of the macbook air:

What serves you most efficiently, if you have a macbook? And since I have a couple more years as an undergrad student to go, should I wait for newer models? 

I appreciate your help,
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Preceptor Thank You Cards

I'm writing my first batch of thank yous for the Hospitalist group I rotated with for my 8 weeks of FM1. (Yes, I did all hospital work for FM1. Yes, it was the most cherry rotation ever. Yes, I suck, I know.)

I rotated with 7 different docs in the group thanks to the way they do their scheduling, and I guess I'm having trouble knowing what to say on all of the thank you cards. Some of the docs who I was really close with are easy to write, but a couple of them are a little harder.

What do I say, just "Thanks for the opportunity to learn from you! I appreciate all of your teaching moments and all of your constructive criticism. I really enjoyed the chance to work with you, and look forward to seeing you around [Hospital] in the future."

Is there anything else I should add in there? These are the ones to the docs that I am not close to and who I got the feeling didn't especially appreciate my presence, but that's no reason not to be polite.


101 things v.3

Seeing as how I have successfully completed my intern year and have moved on to greener pastures (q3 call) plus i am currently post-call and therefore have the afternoon off, I thought it was time to post my list of "101 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting Intern Year"

101 thingsCollapse )

The usual rules apply--feel free to add your own!
Have a great day!
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I totally forgot I could vent here

So I've opened this new chapter on my life which is called 4th year.

Apparently somehow I have to study for step 2 while simultaneously doing eras, setting up my 4th year rotations, and finding places to live since most of them don't have housing for me.

Step 2 is a pain in the ass, mostly because I burnt out on spending three months of hard miserable studying for step 1 last year. I don't want to fail, that would be real bad. I only want an average passing score, just no willpower to do anything for it. I know once I pass this test and get matched somewhere that this test and step 1 are rendered utterly meaningless, maybe that's the underlying motivational problem.

Dear hospitals I want to work at, I don't have TB or hepatitis B. I'm pretty sure you don't need two PPD's per year to confirm that with no record of being exposed to any person who had TB. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure I was vaccinated against hep B when I was a baby- why the fuck do I need a full hep panel that my insurance won't even pay for just to prove I am immune from being vaccinated and not immune from my presumed history of sharing needles with heroin addicts and having multiple sexual encounters with homeless people.

Med school hell is...

-being a second year. I could stop there.

But for reals, being a second year whose husband is about to go on deployment to Afghanistan and who is so damn sick of classes she could just puke over everything. I have friends who need to drink in order to study and other friends who need to drink in order to go to sleep. And another friend who just took a leave because he was too done to make it another two months. Can you say burned out?

Please tell me rotations > 23 credit hours of awfulness.


Okay, I'm ready to moan and complain now!!

Neuro OSCE yesterday, which was faculty monitored and very stressful. Neuro lab exam Thurs am. Two mandatory small groups/problem solving things this week, three next week. Full OSCE the week after next. Two finals and a major exam on October 1. Soooo many lectures every day that I just stare at my books for hours every evening without absorbing anything. I try to at least go over the day's material but I never get through it all, and usually it doesn't even seem worth it because there are always half a dozen more pressing things to do.

I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep, because otherwise I accomplish even less (and get snappy which just makes me feel horrible). So, at least I have that going for me. I'm not living in a war zone, I'm not on fire or starving to death, everyone I care about is reasonably healthy, my puppy loves me -- clearly, things could be worse.

But ahhhhh, can I pass these classes????


I know I'm not a med student anymore but there are still some things I need to vent about a little.

So I'm doing my required gen surg rotation this month (against my will) and I was on call yesterday. I'm not even going to get into the injustice of being on call on Friday and Sunday on a holiday weekend because, whatever, that's what happens when you're the non-gen-surg-intern on the gen surg service. Anyway, the other residents in this program actually sorta suck. I'm not saying they're not smart, because they seem to know their stuff, but they're kinda...lazy.

-I saw a patient in the ER yesterday and I wasn't sure who I was supposed to staff it with since it was my third day of gen surg. So I called the senior, he didn't call me back. I called the other senior, she didn't call me back. I called the PGY2, he didn't call me back. I called the PA, she didn't call me back. I called the intern, he didn't call me back. I sat in the ER and rotted for a long time while my patient continued to have acute appendicitis and I thought about what to do. Finally, the PA called me back and said that everyone was eating lunch and that was why they hadn't picked up when I called. You'd think if I called everyone in the room, someone would have figured out that maybe I wasn't just doing it for my health. The PA then went on to tell me that they had decided to get dessert, but someone would see the patient with me when they were done. Because my time is so worthless that I can just sit in the ER and wait for everyone to finish eating their cookies at their leisure. And, you know, the patient can just sit there with her infected appendix and everything will be hunky-dory.

-I pre-op'd a patient and I figured I would just go to the OR with her since I had admitted her, done the H&P, followed her, pre-op'd her, and here we were. Right after I put in the orders to go to the OR STAT, the PGY2 came down and told me to go to lunch. I told him I would just wait until after the surgery and he said that I had to go then. I realized later that he was just sending me away so he could do the case himself. Then he paged me after it was over so I could post op the patient. And, of course, I did a discharge summary on her today.

-The gen surg intern paged me to ask me to write a script for Ativan for a guy because he forgot to do it. Then he said he would do it, but he was on the second floor and the patient was on the first. I told him I was on the third floor but I would be happy to do it for him.

-I got paged to go down to radiology to ask the radiologist to look at a chest x-ray on a patient who I had never seen before. It really helped me correlate everything clinically, let me tell you.

There's been a lot more but I don't really feel like getting into it now. But seriously, these residents don't really seem to care about helping each other. I'm starting to see why general surgery residents have a reputation for being so unhappy. I'm probably getting scutted out more because I'm not one of them, but this is ridiculous. I get paged at least once an hour to do some dumb piece of floorwork that's beneath the dignity of the general surgery intern. If the patient's upset about something, I get paged to calm him/her down. I get paged to call the lab for the results of bloodwork. I get paged to call outside hospitals to track down imaging studies. I'm not saying this is hard, and it doesn't take that long, but it's really annoying that no one else will do it and it goes to me all the time. It's not like everyone else is busy operating because they don't operate too much over here in gen surg. It just seems like everyone else is freaking lazy. And this is stupid. And pointless.

I really can't wait until this month is over. Except I had pediatric surgery next month and I hear that's more of the same. Joy.
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foot problems

OK, so this isn't technically med school hell, but the resident community is pretty dead and it's not like i left behind all the angst and misery when I graduated. So I'm still here.

Anyway, I'm currently experiencing what I suspect strongly is raging plantar fasciitis (physician, heal thyself), it started out on the left and now I'm pretty sure it's infiltrated both feet. It hurts, I'm walking funny, and standing is really a pain. I gotta say, it's not helping my InternYearExperience any. Plus I can't really exercise much so I'm really a limping tub of frustration. So I'm walking around with duct tape on my sweaty feet and attempting to find 5 minutes to go and pop ibuprofen. I've also been stretching in the locker room when I get a chance. But it's not going away, I'm actually pretty sure it's getting worse, and I'm running out of ideas.

Anyone else have this problem? Is there any way to deal with it when you have to stand all day and you can't commit to regular physical therapy appointments or anything like that? Should I just give up and do my own plantar fascial releases?

Also, can anyone recommend some really comfortable shoes? I'm in the OR most of the time (I usually only have clinic one of two half-days a week and the rest of the time is all operating) so I can get away with wearing sneakers and stuff like that, but my sneakers don't seem to be helping me and even with special (and irritatingly expensive) insoles, I'm still kinda miserable. Plus on the off-chance this problem goes away, I really don't want it to come back. I'm curious about danskos because everyone seems to like them, but I don't want to spend over $100 for ugly clunky shoes if they're not going to change my life.

Thanks in advance!