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SQRT(-1) 2.71828^1 1/L(t*e^(-t)u(t))

foot problems

OK, so this isn't technically med school hell, but the resident community is pretty dead and it's not like i left behind all the angst and misery when I graduated. So I'm still here.

Anyway, I'm currently experiencing what I suspect strongly is raging plantar fasciitis (physician, heal thyself), it started out on the left and now I'm pretty sure it's infiltrated both feet. It hurts, I'm walking funny, and standing is really a pain. I gotta say, it's not helping my InternYearExperience any. Plus I can't really exercise much so I'm really a limping tub of frustration. So I'm walking around with duct tape on my sweaty feet and attempting to find 5 minutes to go and pop ibuprofen. I've also been stretching in the locker room when I get a chance. But it's not going away, I'm actually pretty sure it's getting worse, and I'm running out of ideas.

Anyone else have this problem? Is there any way to deal with it when you have to stand all day and you can't commit to regular physical therapy appointments or anything like that? Should I just give up and do my own plantar fascial releases?

Also, can anyone recommend some really comfortable shoes? I'm in the OR most of the time (I usually only have clinic one of two half-days a week and the rest of the time is all operating) so I can get away with wearing sneakers and stuff like that, but my sneakers don't seem to be helping me and even with special (and irritatingly expensive) insoles, I'm still kinda miserable. Plus on the off-chance this problem goes away, I really don't want it to come back. I'm curious about danskos because everyone seems to like them, but I don't want to spend over $100 for ugly clunky shoes if they're not going to change my life.

Thanks in advance!
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